Vertical Shades


Vertical Blinds & Shades are an important part of home design. With the ability to cover large windows and sliding glass doors, they do a big job in your home. The key to success if finding the right ones that will fit the style of your Omaha space, with the function that enhances your home’s atmosphere and makes your life easier.

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  • Luminette® Privacy Sheers living area

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

  • Sheer Drapery Folds
  • Interior Vanes Rotate for Control
  • Light Filtering to Room Darkening Options

It’s the perfect combination! Soft sheers ripple like draperies, but they act like window shades. Designed to be window treatments for large windows and sliding glass doors, Luminette Privacy Sheers adjust easily, with a simple sliding operation. The interior vanes rotate, along a range of 180º, to help you go from light filtering view-through, to light blocking–or even room darkening.

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  • skyline gliding window panels with roller shades in Omaha home
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  • gliding window panels as window treatments for doors that move side to side
  • Gray panels on large windows

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels

  • Extra Wide Panels for Contemporary Style
  • Beautiful Materials in On-trend Colors
  • Coordinate Fabrics with Other Window Shades

A modern twist on the original Vertical Blinds, these window shades transverse sideways, stacking at the side for access to the door or window. With wide panels in a range of colors and textured materials, your sliding glass doors and large windows can feature coverage that brings the whole design of your home together, while you enjoy light control and privacy.

  • vertical shades and transom windows with energy saving shades in Omaha
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Duette® Vertiglide™

  • Ideal for Large Windows & Sliders
  • Cellular Structure Insulates Glass
  • 3 Stacking Options to Choose

With a wide range of weather here in Omaha, you need window coverings that will add efficiency all year long. Due to sliders and large windows taking up such a big part of the wall, they can really affect the temperature within your home. Duette Vertiglide is an asset for these windows and doors. Designed to insulate those glass surfaces, you can block intense heat and chilly drafts before they cause discomfort in your home. When the shades gather to open, we call it stacking. The stack can be on the right, left or center, depending on your home’s unique layout.

Cadence Vertical Blinds

  • Perfect for Large Windows & Sliders
  • Various Materials, Like Wood & Fabric
  • Stacking Options to Choose

Vertical blinds are a classic choice for covering doors and large windows in your Omaha home. They offer solutions in light control and privacy, while adding beautiful style to the design of your space. These window coverings are also simple to operate, allowing you access to the view or high traffic entryways without hassle. Additional features, like room darkening or sound absorption can be beneficial to your lifestyle–specific to the materials and products you select.

Somner Vertical Blinds

  • Contemporary style + traditional design
  • Perfect for large windows and sliding glass doors
  • Modern colors for any space aesthetic

Improve your Omaha home with Somner Vertical Blinds. These beautiful blinds offer light filtering options in various colors and hues. Get ideal privacy on your largest glass doors or large windows. Easily operable and convenient control offer great functionality for highly used spaces in your home.