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  • white framed windows in guest bedroom with shades that cover tilt turn windows
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades
  • open windows angled in as european style windows with beige shades that cover tilt turn windows
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades
  • cover tilt turn windows with gray cellular shades for on black frames in Omaha
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Tilt Turn Windows: The TrackGlide™ System

  • Shades Move with the Window
  • Narrow Track Fits Anywhere
  • No Drilling Installation

Tilt turn windows have grown wildly in popularity. It’s the capability to easily access fresh air with more than one type of adjustment. They also features easy clean options: Opening like a door, or leaning in as an angled window. Until the TrackGlide system was introduced, however, covering tilt turn windows was a challenge, especially in rooms where room darkening was needed. With TrackGlide, the narrow track adheres to the edge of the window frame. There’s no drilling for hardware installation. The track allows the shades to adjust up and down, with features like top down bottom up, room darkening, and energy efficiency as you cover tilt turn windows in your home.

Duette® Shades for European Style Windows:

  • 160+ Fabrics
  • Cover the Window for Light Control
  • Room Darkening Options
  • Cordless Shades
  • Adjustable Privacy
  • Top Down Bottom Up
  • Honeycomb Shades for Energy Efficiency
open european window in guest bedroom

Move with the Window

These European style windows are famous for the versatile movement they offer. That same movement can make it difficult to cover tilt turn windows with traditional shades of any kind. With TrackGlide, the narrow track fits the narrow frame around the glass, allowing the shades to move as the glass moves.

top of window shade in cream color

Your Favorite Features

As the exclusive window covering for TrackGlide, Duette® honeycomb shades offer a wide range of product features to benefit your home. Light control, privacy & energy efficiency are ensured. But, additional options can make your life even better. Top down continues the customization of your shades, as well as room darkening.

white framed windows european style with window shades

No Drilling Necessary

With the slim frame of glass around tilt turn windows, or french doors, drilling can be a problem, if you can do it at all. TrackGlide allows you to strongly adhere the track to that narrow bit of framing, so the shades adjust up and down along the edge of the glass, but not on the glass itself.