Aura Shades Aura Illuminated Shades  circle arrow

A revolutionary new design in window coverings, Illuminated Shades allow you to control the lighting temperature of your home while also blocking bright light, harsh glare and UV rays while adding privacy.

room darkening solutions Room Darkening Solutions  circle arrow

Need better sleep? Want to sleep in on the weekends? Our blackout blinds and room darkening shades are a sure way to darken the rooms of your home when you need it most.

top down bottom up solutions Privacy / Top-Down/Bottom-Up Solutions  circle arrow

Invite natural light into your home, but enjoy privacy…that’s the beauty of top down bottom up shades. It’s the best daylighting you can ask for!

cordless child safe solutions Cordless / Child Safe Solutions  circle arrow

Window covering cords are dangerous for children & pets. If you need child-safe shades & cordless blinds, we’ve got them! Let’s fugure out which operating system will be best for your and your family.

automated solutions Motorized Solutions  circle arrow

Whether you are just coming around to the idea of remote control blinds, or you want to integrate automated shades with your smart home system, we’ve got simple & convenient choices for you!

energy efficient solutions Energy Efficient Solutions  circle arrow

With a wide range of weather in Omaha, getting energy efficient window treatments will help you no matter what the season. Block chilly drafts or intense sunshine, and get comfort with insulating shades.

floor to ceiling solutions Floor-to-Ceiling / Large Window Solutions  circle arrow

Your largest windows might also show off the best views. But, the intense light and glare can be frustrating. Stop suffering from common window issues, and enjoy your home more with floor to ceiling blinds or shades.

door solutions Patio / French / Sliding Glass Door Solutions  circle arrow

The doors leading the outside of your home need functional options for light control. Whether you need shades for french doors, patio doors or sliders, we have options that will create control while adding beauty to the design of the space.

beige bedroom with beige window treatments on windows

tilt turn solutions Tilt & Turn Window Solutions  circle arrow

Tilt-turn windows are an amazing way to customize the way you use your windows and access fresh air. But, covering them is tricky…until now. Meet the TrackGlide system.

double shades with opaque and translucent shades

dual shades Dual Shade Window Solutions   circle arrow

Can’t decide between light filtering shades or room darkening shades? Now you don’t have to. This innovation fo dual shades allows you to have the widest range of light control at the window.

rounded arched window solutions

specialty shapes Specialty Shapes Solutions  circle arrow

Your arched and angled windows add character & beauty to your Omaha home. Need coverings? We can help. Our custom blinds, shades & shutters can be shaped to match your home’s most unique windows.

specialty shapes Skylight Solutions  circle arrow

The skylight windows in your home might be bringing in too much light and heat. Find the perfect shades to control the elements and live in comfort.

Here in the Omaha area, we experience gorgeous views and incredible amounts of sunshine. We know Nebraska is a great place to live, but we also know that controlling the light and temperature is important. Don’t get overwhelmed with common homeowner problems. Our team can help you find solutions to the window issues you’re facing, with expert advice, so you can make the best decisions possible for your home and your family.