• Gray vertical honeycomb shades on living room sliding doors in Omaha
  • gray vertical honeycomb shades paired with gray roman shades
  • western aesthetic living room with window treatments for sliding glass doors open overlooking pool
  • dual shades duette vertical honeycomb shades light filtering and room darkening floor to ceiling windows
  • dining room with light control coming from vertical honeycomb shades window treatments
  • brown vertical honeycomb shades open to reveal pool
  • duette vertical honeycomb shades for sliding glass doors
  • dining room duette vertiglide window shade

Duette® Vertiglide

Vertical Honeycomb Shades

In search of window coverings for your sliding doors or large windows? The honeycomb shape of cellular shades protects your interiors from harsh light and exhausting temperatures. It’s the design of Duette honeycomb shades, but these shades slide side-to-side!

  • Match the sliding door movement
  • Great coverings for large windows
  • Shades insulate windows & doors
  • Ability to stack right, left or center

There’s a wide range in weather around the year here in the Omaha area. It’s important that window coverings add efficiency to your home, no matter what season it is. Sliding doors and large windows can be enormous glass openings. The rooms in your home with these large windows are at the mercy of the weather. Duette Vertiglide offers incredible energy efficiency, designed especially to insulate, while sliding sideways to open and close. The fabrics stack as they open, tailored to fit the best position for your home. The heat of summer and the drafts of winter are no match for these vertical honeycomb shades.

Energy Efficiency

Large windows and sliding doors are a big influence on the temperature of your home. But, with cellular shades that cover when you need it most, it’s like having insulation at the window. Protect the comfort of your home, while enjoying the elements–at your convenience.


These vertical shades adjust open similar to your sliding doors. They are designed to stack in the position that fits your home’s layout the best, whether that’s to the right, left or center. The cordless design of these shades allow manual control, or get the ultimate control with smart shades.

Style Options

From the designer fabrics of the Alustra collection, to popular features, like LightLock and ClearView, you’ll customize the style of your home and enhance the atmosphere as well. Beautiful textures and contemporary color schemes will add incredible design for your windows and doors.