Designer Banded Shades

  • open concept living room with dual opacity shades
  • Studio apartment space with contemporary desk office space
  • Leaf pattern on drapery with white banded window shadings
  • Banded shades in cream fabrics next to succulents overlooking a tranquil lake
  • White dog perched on window sill with half-up window shades in simple dining room
  • automatic window shades in blue coastal color
  • banded blinds with light filtering capabilities in dining room
  • close up detail of gray window shade for room darkening
  • brown pattern drapery and gray banded window shades in Omaha, NE
  • automated window shades in modern white bathroom Omaha, NE

Designer Banded Shades

Pure design. Full of style and function, our designer banded shades add the right atmosphere and look to your Omaha area home. Whether you choose to close off the light, or reveal the shapes for a unique look, you’ll be covered & in style!

  • Zebra Shades Rotate Sheer to Solid
  • Change Lighting with One Rotation
  • Stripes or Geometric Shapes
  • Roll the Entire Shade Up & Out of the Way

An incredibly unique design, you have to see it to believe it. The adjustable light control means with one simple rotation, your space can go from sheer view-through to complete privacy and light control in an instant. Solid fabrics alternate with sheers in the shapes that meet your style, whether that is a geometric pattern or a striped design. Those two layers rotate to control the atmosphere. Want it up and out of the way? It’s easy to roll the entire shade into the headrail and have it disappear.

Before After