Incorporating Bamboo Shades in Your Home

Are you looking to infuse your living spaces with an earthy, organic ambiance? If so, bamboo shades stand out as an exceptional choice. These shades, also referred to as woven shades, not only serve a functional purpose but are artistic additions to your windows. They elevate the visual appeal of your home while successfully filtering light. Let’s take some time to dive into the alluring world of the Provenance Woven Woods collection.

Trending and Timeless

Bamboo shades have rightfully captured the spotlight in the interior design space. Attracting homeowners seeking the timeless look of woven design elements, these shades are not a new concept. They were previously known as “matchstick blinds,” and have evolved with advancements in materials and design. They share the same category as roman shades while maintaining their identity within the woven textured shades family. With our Alustra Woven Textures collection, you will find materials for romans as well as rollers.

Black woven wood shades that are halfway down a window looking out to a cityscape.
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades, Collection: Antigua, Color: Stingray


Distinctively Woven

Not only do bamboo shades have a distinctive and unique character, but they are crafted from natural fibers like bamboo, grasses, reeds, and woods. The weaving patterns, that are specific to each woven woods collection, contribute to the originality of these shades. Beyond aesthetics, these shades introduce warmth and dimension to the home because of their texture. Lastly, the availability of various color-ways ensures that this distinctive look can complement any interior style.

Four woven wood fabric swatches. Two are lighter colors while the other two are darker colors. All four are neutral tans and browns.
Samples from 4 collections of Bamboo Shades: Calliope, Minerals, Tahiti & Nottingham



When it comes to bamboo shades, customization is important, especially when you select the lining that best suits you. You can choose from energy efficiency, room darkening, and light filtering. If you select the Duolite® dual shades option, the liner has the ability to be operated independently or attached. This allows for the secondary shade to enhance energy efficiency in your home. 

The attached liner can block in-coming light even with a light-colored shade. It is in a neutral tone and cascading down a window with the bottom part rolled up to show the backside.
The attached liner can block in-coming light even with a light-colored shade



The convenience of motorization is another benefit of these window treatments. With the push of a button, you can effortlessly lower the shades, eliminating the need to manually adjust them. This feature becomes particularly valuable when balancing the desire for a view of the outside and the need for privacy. Lastly, scheduling privacy and light control is made seamless. With motorization, you are ensuring that your windows open and close automatically at predetermined times.

Provenance® Woven Woods in a sitting room. They are covering three windows and each are lowered at varying lengths with the far left and far right at the same length.
Provenance® Woven Woods



Bamboo shades come equipped with a variety of features that make them an excellent choice for homeowners. Their versatility allows for tailored solutions. This means that they can accommodate even those hard-to-cover bay or angled windows. Furthermore, achieving a consistent look throughout your home is made easy. They can cover both doors and windows with identical materials. Finally, there is a top-down bottom-up feature that comes with these shades. It enables you to cover the bottom portion of your window while enjoying natural light at the top.

Exposed brick wall has a bed centered on it with provenance woven woods on the big vertical window directly behind the bed
Provenance® Woven Woods


Ready to Elevate Your Space?

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