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    Luminette® Privacy Sheers
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Luminette® Privacy Sheers

  • Drapery-like folds
  • Rotate from sheer to opaque
  • Ideal for large windows & doors
  • View-through to room darkening

Transforming the light in your home, Luminette Privacy Sheers are a stunning solution for your sliding doors and large windows. Meant to traverse side-to-side, the sheer fabrics appear with drapery-like folds, bringing softness into the appearance of your home. But, many homeowners like keeping them closed much of the time. Why? These specialty window treatments can rotate from sheer view-through to opaque room darkening in an instant. The interior vanes adjust into position to completely change the atmosphere. Experience your landscape or a blocked out view with Luminette Privacy Sheers.

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Luminette® Privacy Sheers