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This is my _______ time purchasing custom window treatments.
  • First time - tell me everything. Let's do this!
  • I've done this but whew... it's been a while. Get me up to speed.
  • I'm seasoned. I know the drill.
Tell us what's important to you!
  • Function first. Just make it work!
  • Design & function. Oo la la with seamless operation.
  • Design first. Wow me, make my home a work of art.
  • Techy. Integrate it all. I want to come home and not lift a finger.
We want to move at your pace! This project is ...?
  • an Immediate Priority. Help me get it done!
  • in the planning stages, I haven't found the right solutions yet!
  • in no hurry, I just started researching my project!