Crafting Ideal Nighttime Privacy in Your Home

As the evenings lengthen, you may have noticed that you’re flipping the light switches on earlier than usual. If you drive home after being out all day, you probably notice the interior of your home on full display. No need to worry! If you have a desire to create nighttime privacy in your home, we have insight into the best window covering features that can transform your home into a cozy, comfortable space. 

A Favorite: Top Down, Bottom Up

In the world of window coverings, the top down bottom up feature is a great option if you are wanting privacy and natural light. You can savor the view while simultaneously having privacy. 

Exposed brick wall has a bed centered on it with provenance woven woods on the big vertical window directly behind the bed
Provenance® Woven Woods


Dual Shades

The dual shades feature is a game-changer for many reasons. Picture this: you’re sitting in your home and sunlight is filtering through. As dusk descends, you smoothly lower the secondary shade to shield your home from the outside world. With dual shades, your nighttime privacy levels have greatly increased! 

room darkening shades chair with lamp turned on pointed at it
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


Aura Illuminated Shades

Have you ever wanted to fully close your window coverings, but don’t like the darkness that comes with it? It feels like the second you achieve full privacy, the room has lost any of its light, and you can’t see anything. Aura Illuminated Shades are just the solution to this predicament. Now you can lighten your interior directly from the shade, banishing the gloom and preventing your home from turning into a dark abyss. Control the color temperature, seamlessly transitioning from cool to warm, setting the perfect mood while safeguarding your nocturnal privacy.

a highrise apartment dining room space with large window shades by hunter douglas
Sonnette® Powerview® Shades

Smart Shades

Window coverings have gotten a high-tech makeover, and we are loving every second of it! With smart shades, there is a great amount of convenience that comes with a simple tap or voice command. If you want to enjoy family time, but also lower the blinds, this can easily be done without halting the fun. Then, your room transforms and provides you with the nighttime privacy you crave.

A family sitting in a dark living room on a sectional. They are watching a tv and laughing with the blinds lowered for privacy
Pirouette® Window Shades

Unlocking the Perfect Amount of Nighttime Privacy 

Our team at Integrated Windows is geared up and ready to help you find the perfect window coverings to give you the best nighttime privacy. If you’re starting to look into window coverings, contact our team today for a FREE consultation. Let’s transform your space!