Kids’ Rooms: Spaces that Grow with Them!

Designing kids’ rooms can be an exciting part of parenthood. But, you’ll find that they grow quickly, and some of the elements chosen only last a short time. Come on a journey with us through inspiring photos, as we help determine how to plan spaces that can grow with your kids ages and stages…


Keep the Color Simple

When painting kids’ rooms, it can really pay off to use neutrals or soft colors. Bold or dark colors can be fitting in the moment, but give it a year or two, and you’ll start to wonder why you didn’t think ahead. 

bunk beds in kids' rooms with neutral palette


Accent the Wall 

If you’d love to do something unique with walls, there are a few ways to create your own accents. For an easy-to-change accent, try out wall decals. Color and theme decorate the space, but when they get a little older, it’s an easy fix.

nursery with tree wall decals

Wallpaper is back in a big way! Modern options are peel n’ stick, and they go on and off with ease. If you feel like it might be dated in a few years, choose to do a smaller area for an accent wall. 

round circle wallpaper teal and pink

A more permanent option, an accent wall made of building materials adds dimension and unique design. Many of these are designed with shiplap, board & batten, or wainscoting. While you may leave them in place, they can be painted easily to change the overall atmosphere and color scheme. 

board and batten accent wall are great for kids' rooms


Choose “Grown Up” Elements

Throughout childhood, there are plenty of developmental items and characters that will make their way into your kids’ rooms. Think about which elements you can invite in with “grown up” style for a lasting look. Consider something you love–after all, you’ll spend time in the room, too. Wall art, lighting, pillows, an area rug, window treatments…these are great pieces to bring in heightened style to last through the years.

kids rooms with grown up style elements like pillows and area rugs


Focus on Storage

Kids have a lot of stuff. Toys, crafts, clothes…their rooms need storage more than anything else. Providing an environment for putting things in their places will help your child stay organized. Or, at least it will give you a place to stash things so you don’t have to look at the chaos!

storage in kids' rooms can help keep clutter from getting in the way


Design Spaces for Reading, Writing & Creativity

From preschooler all the way to graduate, children need areas that encourage activities like reading, writing or the creative process. Whether it’s coloring or studying for finals, having a designated space will help them focus.

built in desk and bookshelves to encourage kids to work in their rooms

Years of reading stories will help your children develop a love of reading, or even listening to stories. A dedicated space in a child’s room is a great way to establish a routine. Consider a window seat, cozy chair or hanging swing as a place to unwind with a good book.

teen room with swinging egg chair for reading


Encourage Good Sleep

It doesn’t matter how old–or young–your children are, you know sleep is important for their development and success. Whether you’re trying to get young kids on a good schedule, or keep older kids on any kind of schedule at all, room darkening and blackout shades can play a vital part. 

blackout shades in kids' room for good sleep in Omaha homes
Applause® Shades


Focus on Safety

Many parents find themselves focused on child safety even before babies are born. After they grow up a bit, it’s easy to think, “We’ll get to that,” or “We don’t have to worry about it.” One safety concern is blind cords. Even though they are banned from being sold in today’s market, many times, homes still have old ones. Those dangling, tangled cords are dangerous to children and pets–and they often don’t even work. Make safety a priority with cordless shades and cord-safe blinds that not only keep everyone safe, but they look better and work as they are supposed to!

cordless shades for safety in Kids' rooms
Pirouette® Shades

At Integrated Windows, we would love to help you create kids’ rooms with beautiful style, incredible function with important safety features. Room darkening blinds and blackout shades are quite popular for these spaces, and we can help you choose the best options for your Omaha area home. Get in touch for your FREE consultation.