Black Window Trim: The Right Window Treatments

The height of style, black window trim home design by storm. Once you have these stunning windows in your home, however, how do you cover them? Should you cover them? Let’s discuss…

What to Consider…

  • Do you prefer bare windows? What about privacy, light control, UV protection or energy savings?
  • Do your new windows have grids?
  • Are the window black + black? Or white interior, black exterior?
  • Do you appreciate blending colors? Or do you prefer contrast?

How Much Coverage?

You’ve just installed these gorgeous windows…can you imagine covering them? Leaving them bare can depend on the individual window and which direction it faces. Many of the windows in your home will need some type of coverage, keeping light control, privacy and damaging UV rays in mind. When it comes to windows that you’d like to leave bare most of the time, draperies can be a great option. They frame the window, revealing the back window trim and landscape views, but you have the choice to close them when necessary.

custom window treatments on large windows with black trim in Omaha
Custom Drapery


Styling with Grids

One detail you can choose for your black window trim windows is the grid lines. They set a dynamic scene, easily influencing the style of the space. But, the window coverings you choose can play into that look, and you’ll have to decide how much of these details you’d like to show off.

living room with designer screen shades with leather chair in brown tone
Designer Roller Shades

Let’s take a look at the simplicity of roller shades, in the same space, with two different fabrics. The first is a view-through shade, allowing natural light to filter in, while the silhouette of the grids is visible. In the next example, you’ll see opaque roller shade fabric, letting no light through where the shade is positioned, hiding the grids behind that room darkening fabric. Does one look appeal more than the other? Do you have two different rooms in your home where you might consider one of each?

room darkening roller blinds living room
Designer Roller Shades

What if you can’t decide? You don’t have to! Dual roller shades offer that lovely light filtering fabric plus the blackout roller shade on the same headrail. They operate independently of each other, so you can choose one without having both down in place. When no shade in needed, roll them both up into the headrail to show off the windows and the view!

gray dual shade shadings in neutral living room with chromatic elements
Designer Roller Shades with Duolite@


To Cover, or Leave Bare?

Specialty shaped windows, such as arches and angles are another way to set your home apart. While they add architectural detail, they can also add intense sunlight into your home. You’ve got three basic ways to add window treatments to these windows…

  • The entire window shape can be covered, from top to bottom.
  • Specialty shapes can remain bare, while the standard window portion is covered.
  • Draperies can frame the edges, while a base shade provides coverage for part, or the entire window.
Hunter Douglas window shades french doors framed in black with arched window on top
Applause® Honeycomb Shades


angled windows with gray shades in lofted ceiling family room with neutral couch and accents
Designer Roller Shades


olive green draperies with beige roman shades over window with arched black window trim in Omaha living room
Custom Draperies with Roman Shades


The Question of Transoms

A narrow window that sits near the top of the wall, transoms are a popular option for letting in natural light without overwhelming the atmosphere. It’s the window that many homeowners don’t mind leaving bare.

modern executive office floor to ceiling window shades in soft gray color
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

That is, unless the windows face all day sunlight. In that case, those rooms can face times of exhausting heat. In those situations, covering them with energy efficient window treatments will increase comfort.

vertical shades and transom windows with energy saving shades in Omaha
Duette® Honeycomb Shades


How Much Black Window Trim Should Show?

Even without grids, it’s important to think about how much of the black window trim you’d like to show. You can have the trim along the sides of the windows, or when you have multiple windows together, you’ll also have the dividers to decide upon. Window shades can cover the entire trim when closed.

top down bottom up energy efficient window shades in omaha, nebraska
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Or, you can view the black trim whether the shades are open or closed.

led shades in yoga room in Omaha
Designer Roller Shade

Which Look Do You Love?

Black window trim makes a statement, but you’ll have to decide how you’d like to finish the look. White, or light neutrals can make the window trim pop. Darker fabrics can blend with the dark trim, but then the entire expanse is transformed. Which look do you prefer?

open concept living room with dual opacity shades
Designer Banded Shades


detail of fabric woven wood shade in dark charcoal color next to natural wicker chair
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades


Ready for the Fun of Design?

At Integrated Windows, we know that it can be stressful to make all of these decisions on your own. Did you ever think that black window trim would leave you asking so many questions? Let us worry about all of the details. We’ll come right to your home for a free consultation. Your window treatment specialist will show you inspiration and ask you some questions about the rooms in your home. We can help you find the best window coverings to coordinate with your style, along with features to enhance your home–and your life. Get in touch with us today!